Top Ten Reasons to Buy Hotel Rooms in Portugal

1. Golf in Portugal
The Algarve, only a short flight away from most European capitals, has been a magnet to many discerning golfers for almost three decades. Golf tourism is growing four times faster than any other form of tourism and golf tourists spend far more than just your average holiday maker. The Algarve is well known for being the number one destination in Europe for golf with the main golf season from late autumn to late spring. Winters are mild and golfers from northern European countries can enjoy warm sunny days and keep their swings smooth at the same time. There are just under a quarter of a million golfers who holiday in Portugal every year and this means they contribute a substantial amount to the local economy and represent an affluent and growing base upon which an investor could base a property investment purchase decision in Portugal and from which an investor could draw down a decent income. 분당풀싸롱

2. Strong Tourist Demand
Portugal is among the top 20 most visited destinations in the world and it is incredibly popular with the Brits. Eleven million visitors travelled to Portugal last year (figures taken from the World Travel and Tourism Council), and the tourism based growth will be in the region of at least 3% annually from now until 2017 which means anyone buying hotel rooms in Portugal on a buy to let scheme will see their ROI (return on investment) come to fruition very quickly.

3. Property Prices
The Algarve has seen prices double in the last ten years and the latest statistics suggest that prices increased by 6% in 2006 and up to 10% in 2007/2008. This is proving that Portugal properties still have a high buy to let demand. This is good to know as anyone joining the market can exit the market smoothly and efficiently.

4. British Tourism & Expatriates Lifestyle
Portugal has been a British favourite for years, it is only a two and a half hour journey by plane and almost a quarter of the tourism into Portugal comes from the UK. Portugal boasts excitement, passion and a history that is a fundamental part of the Portuguese way of life. Similar to the Spanish, the Portuguese have a slower pace of life, a sunny climate, excellent food and wine and with over three hundred days of sunshine a year – imagine that! Despite all the golf courses and the tourist attractions, Portugal also has wonderful beaches and for the more country folk – mountains for great walks, wildlife and natural beauty. All of these reasons are an advantage to why buy to let investments are rife in Portugal right now, making it cheaper to buy property in Portugal than it is in the UK.